Ohana is a non-profit organization based in Yogyakarta Province, Indonesia. We have been working on specific issues such as policy advocacy, disability rights and policy studies as well as legal drafter for social policies. Our organization has been initiated on March 2009 and it has been officially registered as a Non Government Organization on July 6, 2012. Ohana founders are the International Fellowship Program Alumnae who have existed on social justice and community development for the marginalized population in Indonesia.

Ohana mission

Our mission is to achieve social justice and social welfare through strengthening the rights of people with disabilities as the marginalized population including women with disabilities to access to justice and education. Our mission is aimed to contribute the problem solving of the gap of disability rights issues and social justice; to increase equal access of persons with disability and to support the law enforcement on disability policies.

Main activities

1)      Legal drafter for PERDA (Local Regulation) and PERGUB (Governor Regulation)

2)      Conducting policy advocacy related to disability rights

3)     Capacity building programs through training and workshop

4)     Developing policy studies related to disability rights and social policy

5)     Creating module and guideline book for disability rights advocacy

6)     Publication on disability rights, policy advocacy and community development issues

7)     Developing empowerment programs and rights advocacy specifically for women and girls with disabilities and government stake holders Indonesia.



Risnawati Utami

Buyung Ridwan Tanjung




Endah Setyowati

Nihayatul Wafiroh

Nurlely Sa’adah



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